UVI Workstation-Mayhem of Loops .wavs error

A lot of the loops from UVI’s Mayhem of Loops will drag and drop into Cubase (running the UVI Workstation as a VST plugin). I have come across a number of loops that will not transfer to Cubase. The error message is “medium type not supported or invalid medium”. I have put in a support request to UVI, but when I tried the same loops in Reaper (current version 5.04) they dragged and dropped as expected. So I can only conclude that the problem lies within Cubase.

Yes, same thing here with MayhemOfLoops 1.5 here on Mac (but MayhemOfLoops v1.0 import ok), if I try to drag n drop from UVI’s Browser… but, so far, I have been able to succeed by actually loading the wav into UVI then using its own Drag n Drop box.

Thanks for the tip about using the UVI Workstation drag and drop.I can get something across from that, but it is not usable. For example Big Beat 01.Down and Mental 125-A-Nyc Beat1.wav. Played in the browser it matches the project tempo, but dragged into Cubase it rushes through at some ridiculous speed, presumably because that is the native rate of the loop. The issue seems to be syncing with the project speed. Anyhow, there are no problems using MOL with Reaper. I cannot drag and drop into Studio One (I only have an older version) although if I drag a loop to the desktop and then import it to Studio One the loop is in sync with the project tempo. I don’t use my old SO much these days as it cannot see any plugins licenced with iLok.