V Collection and Cubase AI : Death and woe.

I got the Arturia V Collection of VSTs, and since adding them to Cubase AI 9.5.40, everything is highly unstable.

If anyone at steinberg wants to try to reproduce with my project, on a mac, I can send it, it’s pretty trivial. Just add a Buchla Easel VST and an Analog Lab VST and start recording and rewinding and recording and rewinding (use keyboard shortcuts on numpad to do transport control) and pretty soon Cubase stops being able to record, all transport functions “freeze up”. You can save and exit and you must do so, to continue working.

The key seems to be selecting a very high idle load Buchla Easel patch. Once the CPU is exhausted, what I’d like is a warning or something, and maybe the ability to disable a vst that is misbehaving or overloading my system. Instead, Cubase just goes stupid.

With Analog Lab VST 3.2.19 almost any patch, 3 or more notes of polyphony, and something happens and cubase stops working. nothing amiss is registered in the audio performance window. Something is just bad.

The worst thing is cubase won’t record vst tracks any more or any tracks. Just dead.



Could you try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device?

The CoreAudio buffer size? (this is a mac)