V-Control Pro1

Hi there, I’m using the old V-Control app (1.9) on my Ipad to control my Cubase. It has been working for a long time, but then it stopped working. I just red latetly that the Ney-Fi plugin had been replace by the V-Control Pro app. Installed the new app and it’s not working… I’ve follow the instruction from the Neyrick website but still nothing…

I was wondering if someone had a similar setup that work and could help me.

Thank you

Macbook Pro 11,4
Mac OS X 10.14.6
iPad Air on OS 12.4.4

I am on W10 bit sonce cubase 10.5 v control dis not work anymore. This is mostly happening after a cibase update is my experience. So i contact Neyrink and after a month or two they cone up woth an update, this was the case last week.
So make sure to check on their site is you have the latest version.
Now it works again and still is great software

check out the avid control app - it’s free and is much better than v-control