v10.5 question: Blurry menu font problem persists (OS Windows)?

Cubase pro 10.5 under Windows 7 - 10.5

Hi friends, when Cubase v.10 came out I noticed right away, that the menu font was looking blurred, compared to it’s sharpness in v.9.5. Enlarging screenshots of the two different fonts I noticed, that in v10 the menu font didn’t use coloured pixels anymore, as you might see in the images of my old meme and

here[/url]. See also this

My question related to the new Cubase pro version 10.5: Is the blurry font problem meanwhile resolved or not?


Just a note: Windows 7 is not supported system for Cubase 10.5.

So what? My question is not Win-7-specific, as I mentioned above. The same phenomenon occures below Win 8.1 and Win 10, too.
So my Cubase 10.5-question stays the same:

Is the blurry font problem meanwhile resolved or not?


Sorry, in your message, I can see:

And in your signature, I can also see Windows 7.

Btw, Windows 8.1 is also not supported for Cubase 10.5.

So now I understand, you ask for Windows 10, right? HiDPI or not?

As I already mentioned above I’m asking for all of the mentioned OSs. If Steinberg supporters won’t support me with my OS (win 7) they might respond for the only Windows-OS which is actually supported: Windows 10. But if I well understood the idea of this forum, the interchange between users is welcome, too, right? So there might be users (I hope lots of 'em…), who keep using Windows 7 and use Cubase 10.5 running under it. As you already might know, the fact that Steinberg won’t support Cubase 10.5 under Win 7 doesn’t mean, that Cubase 10.5 won’t run under Windows 7. In fact, and as far as I already heard of several users, the opposite is the case: it runs pretty well under Windows 7.

The fact, that the blurry font phenomene appears in Cubase 10 under Windows 7 as well as under Windows 10, means, that it’s independant from the OS (using the same recommended standard monitor resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to make a comparison possible). So - another once my question - I’d like to know, if the “blurry font phenomene” persists in Cubase 10.5 - “under Windows 10 and/or under Windows 7”.


As far as I know from the forum here, some menu items are missing to Cubase 10.5 users on Windows 7. I wouldn’t consider this as “it runs pretty well” then.

It’s also quite likely, Steinberg removed Win 7 support because they want to get rid of some GUI issues on Win 7 because of missing technology at this old system and focus fully to the current system. Therefore it might be it’s working well on Win 10, but it doesn’t working well on Win 7.

And as I mentioned, for example using HiDPI could be critical for your question. Do you use it? Another bottom neck could be used graphical card and chipset.

So to get relevant information for you, I believe the question should be more specific. Of course the best would be, if there would be Cubase 10.5 Trial available already.

Btw, I just tried to inform you (as user to user) that Win 7 is not supported anymore.

Alright. If nobody can answer my question, I will wait for the 10.5 trial to check it out. Thanks anyway.

Anyone had this problem with screen blurring before(see attachments),I get it with cubase 9.5 and 10.5 elements.My system is Windows 10/32gb Ram/Ryzen 2600 Cpu/Rtx2060 Gpu/Monitor 3440x1440p resolution.


This is other issue out of Cubase. I have seen this here on the forum already, even with the solution (but unfortunately I can’t find the thread anymore). Please search the forum.

Same issue (but without solution) is here.


Here is the fix described.

Blurred screen FIX…This is what has fixed the problem for me.
Go onto your desktop screen and right click in a blank space,then open up the “Nvidia control panel”.
On the left hand side look for “Manage 3D settings”…click on this…
In the top left of the screen you should see the word “Restore” with the Nvidia green logo next to it…
Click on restore then after a few seconds look down into the bottom right of the screen and click apply…
Re-open up Cubase and this should fix your problem…Hope this works for you…cheers…

Thankyou to everyone who tried to help me with this problem…

So I assume it was something with Antialaising turned on? I just checked my settings and most of the stuff was turned off or set to max performance or let the 3d app decide.

Not sure,I also use my set up for gaming so I had a few things changed in the 3D settings but as I said restoring everything in the “Manage 3d settings” sorted it for me,I would definitely say its a problem that lies in the graphics of the rig,not windows or Cubase…

Hi all,

I only came upon this thread now and I did not think so many people will experience this. I experienced the same problem and I tried a lot of things today. You are 99% there. Yes the problem does lie in the Windows Nvidia control panel, BUT, the culprit from every possible setting is only 1 simple setting and that is IMAGE SHARPENING. Ensure that this is set to OFF. This is the reason for the distorted/multiple lines/blurry screen. Believe me I have been going on the whole today to find the solution and after trying almost everything I could think of I tried the last option and this is to select RESTORE to go back to default settings. When I saw this fixed my headache of a problem I wanted to know what the crap was the reason behind this problem and I played around with the settings. I personally set some of my settings due to rather have performance settings enabled than quality settings for gaming purposes. I decided to test the settings 1 by 1 until I find the setting that is the reason for this to happen. Immediately when I selected to activate Image Sharpening and tested the setting individually, the problem occurred and i knew this was it. i then tried all others settings and I did not find anything else to relate to this problem.

SO just to be clear and possibly save many people the headache and hassle of thinking they need to uninstall and reinstall or do rollbacks, there is NO need to do ANY roll back or uninstall of anything…just ensure that Image Sharpening is set to OFF and this will fix your problem.

Hope this helps most of you guys.

Cheers :wink: