V4HD and Nuendo 5??

Can anyone tell me if I will ever be able to output video using my V4HD in Nuendo 5???

Seems a bit strange that it worked a treat in Neundo 4 and now nothing.

I keep thinking that if the video drop down menu would lock to a specific format instead of reverting back to none then i would get a picture.

Please help me Nuendo peeps!

the video engine in n5 is totally different so it’s not a huge surprise that some devices might not be supported. having said that, from memory the v4 uses firewire400. what happens if you select firewire as the output device and make it active?

the MOTU V4HD specificly supports Apple Final Cut pro and Adobe Premiere.
Nuendo 5 does not support it.
However, it is an interesting device and we are considering to investigate ways to achieve compatibility.

Best regards,

Hi Thorsten,

Just wondering if there has been any progress with the V4hd and Nuendo?

Nuendo recognises the unit in the device setup/ video menu, it just wont lock to it.

If it not something that will be looked into over the next few months i think ill change my setup as im still running pictures as a third onscreen display attached to my lcd.