Valantines Day Sale Massacre!!

I decided to take up Steinberg’s Valantine Day Sale and get my hands on Halion 5.
My broadband is not that fast so it took a day to download and transfer onto my DAW PC.
So comes the moment at the end of a long journey as I rubbed my hands with glee in anticipation as the installation went through the motions. Then finally the big moment arrived as I attempted to boot up Halion for activation and play. To my horror the eLicence rejected the request for a license as I double checked the eLicense instructions. The message hinted amongst other things that my network connections may be the problem so I spent an hour or so carefully checking my network and firewall settings to no avail. I lost sleep last night trying to think what might be the problem. I got back from work this evening ready to try again , which I did with no change!
As mentioned in Steinbergs Sale email my other half went without a Valantines day so as I could afford this software which I hoped to be able to write a Valantines Day love song to my other half instead. (as suggested).
I finally reached a page on Steinbergs support which at least shed some light on the non activation. It being a problem at the server end. This at least told me it wasn’t a problem with my equipment.

Temporary Licenser Server Outage

Due to technical issues, our license server is currently unavailable.
Therefore, product activations and other license transactions cannot be processed.

With the ‘My Steinberg’ servers also being out of action the question is, will the activation and other servers be back up and running by Valantines Day 2017?

There seems to be no progress or estimated time of re-appearance for this issue. It is nearly 9pm weds evening and the servers have been down for nearly 30 hours.

If this goes on much longer without any clear information as to whenthe servers and eLicense will be back online, I will be asking for a refund, gutting as that would be. I understand problems do happen with servers but 30 hour plus outage is not on for those that have in good faith made a purchase on the Sales offer.

Get your act together Steinberg, this is really not on!