Valhalla, Fabfilter Plugins Losing Authorization

I assume this must have something to do with Plugin Sentinel. It’s not a huge deal but a bit of a pain in the neck, since when I open a project I started in Cubase 8.5 I have to make sure to click on each and every instance of a Valhalla plugin and select its authorization file, which I had luckily kept on my HDD and didn’t have to re-download on my laptop and transfer to my offline music PC. As far as I can tell, after re-authorizing my Valhalla plugins in C9 I can now open new instances without extra hassle, but just a word of caution to you guys opening old projects, you may have to re-authorize your Valhalla stuff instance by instance

This didn’t happen for me. (Valhalla Ubermod)

Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. It happened to my fabfilter plugins too. I wonder why just me then. I do keep two separate plugin folders for my two DAWs… maybe that’s got something to do with it. What a pain though.

I can also confirm that Fabfilter didn’t de-register for me. It’s surely something related to your setup.

Apparently so. When I created my second plugin directory, I just mostly copied the .dlls from the original install destination to the folder I use for Cubase plugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if that had something to do with it. There are probably registry entries and such associated with the install directory.

Btw - very smart of you, keeping your FR’s in your sig.

I have also copied the vst direcories from 8.5 to 9. I own 3 Valhalla Plugins and none needed new registration

I’d think it shouldn’t be a problem to copy the dll files, because iirc for Fabfilter the actual program data is in another folder entirely.

And thanks, I spend some time thinking these out and coming up with example images so I hope that like minded people see them.

More weirdness. The VST3 Fabfilter plugins won’t hold a license. I enter my serial, they prompt me to reload so that my serial can be authenticated, and… nothing. Just another “Buy/Activate” nag screen the next time I open them.

Guess I’ll be using the VST2s for now. I wrote an e-mail to support … (shrug)