Validation code for upgrade to cubase LE 11

I purchased the upgrade option from cubase and an activation code was provided to me on mysteinberg. When I proceed to insert the activation code in elicenser, it does not give me any option to obtain the license validation. The Steinberg thing is terrible. Less more that I did not choose to upgrade to artist, I think I lost my money.
Can you help me please?

I think that must have been a download code, which you would paste into the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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You should get another email from Steinberg with the activation code.
If not, then go to your account and use Enter Download Access Code. That should validate your purchase on website and generate an Activation Code for you.
Once you got that go to Software Tab on your account page and there you should have your Activation code displayed and information if your upgrade has been applied or not.

It’s a bit messed up system unfortunately but …

I hope that helps

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hi, i have the validation code. But entering it in elicenser does not finish activating the product. Purchase the upgrade offer for cubase elements 11. I have cubase nine already validated
I add images in case they could serve as an explanation of my problem. I received the emails that you quote me. But for some reason in the final step when entering the code that they provide me, elicenser does not find or validate the product.


Hello again.
Please, could someone help me or at least guide me how to proceed to make a claim?


It is not clear what exact product you are starting from . Can you post an image of your Elicenser Control Center in order to give that information?

But if you want to make a “claim” click on the Shop square on the Steinberg Support web page.

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Hola . Thank you very much for answering, and trying to help me. I put you the captures of the elicenser

Then I enter the validation code

I suspect that you have purchased the wrong update. If you look at the receipt email for the purchase, you will see who to write to.

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oooh, how stupid I am …
The upgrade was for versions previous to the cubase that I have. Throw away 29.99 euros. For the cubase 9 version it was only necessary to update for less money.
I had the illusion of being able to update my cubase and because of my clumsiness I have spent money without getting anything in return. Thank you very much friend for trying to help me. It took me four days to realize the mistake. Fool of the year award. sorry for the inconvenience. All the best.

You might be able get a refund if you email the shop.

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Yes, you will get a refund if the code hasn’t been or better could not be used. I see that you have submitted a ticket and my team is on it already.

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Hello again
Thanks for your great help. They think that I should buy the update again or I proceed to write an email again specifying what happened.

Thank you very much, without your help I would be lost. Then I wait for them to tell me how to proceed. I apologize .

Thank you also moderator, for your great help


Once the error is fixed, I would like to ask if it is possible to update the version of cubase that I have. ELEMENTS LE AL CUBASE 9. It is to make sure and not to spoil again. All the best