Value 1 and Value 2 for half sharp Pitch Bend Note Expression


I am trying to calculate the Value 1 and Value 2 for half sharp Pitch Bend Note Expression. For the pitch bend:

Value 1 =lsb, The “fine-tune” of the bend. Not always used.
Value 2 =msb, The coarse amount of bend.

Now to increase the pitch of a note by 1/2 sharp! we need to change the pitch by the factor of 2^(1/24) or 50 cents.

My PSR-A3000 Synth bend up to +/-2 semitones. msb and lsb are the most significant byte and least significant byte of a 14-bit number.
So, 2^14 /8 = 2^11. Thus, lsb=value 1 = ‘00000000’ and msb=value 2=‘00010000’= 32

Unfortunately, LE value & value 2 are from 0 to 127 ( corresponding to 7 bit binary number) When I use these value 2 = 32 in Logic editor to bend a note 1/4 tone up, it does not work.

I just checked also with this webpage:

My calculation is correct.

there are 8192/200 = 40.96 pitch bend units to 1 cent.

Therefore, 50 cents is equivalent of 2048 or 2^11. I will check the pitch range cubase is sending.

What am I doing wrong please?
Thank you in advance.


If you use 8192 PitchBend resolution (MSB and LSB) and if the range of the PitchBend is set to 2 semitones (-2/+2), then you are right:

  • 4096 = 1 semitone
  • 2048 = 1/2 semitone (i.e. 1/4 whole tone)

yes. But I am using the same values to define my pitch bend note expressions created by Logical Editor. It does not bend pitches as it should. Neither be Padshop nor with my external synth. Padshop works with microtone on channel inspector perfectly.

I started to think it is a bug! This way of applying pitch bend was suggested by Steve to me.

I did not suggest this at all. Please continue in the other thread and don’t open multiple threads for the same question.