Valuel snap to automation points

Hi. Is there some kind of snap, for the horizontal line of the cursor, to be able to have the same level from one to another automation points without looking at the value in the information bar by selecting the reference and writing in the new point…?
It would be very useful.


Do you mean while writing or while editing (moving) the automation node?

In general, you can use the Ctrl/Cmd modifier to constrain direction. Is this what you are searching for?

Hallo and sorry for my bad english.
No. I mean that if I’m editing a node or an automation region, (for example, when setting the level of a guitar on the second chorus of a song, to the same value as the first chorus), it would be nice, if while pulling a node or a range’s central point up or down with the mouse, the value snaps to the nodes that it finds on the way, so that both choruses result with the same level easily.