Valve fingerings popover on guitar

I keep getting a valve fingering popover anytime I try to insert guitar fingering on guitar staves.
I can’t find a way to fix it… what do I have to do?

Welcome to the forum Ludo !
Are you sure you’re working on a guitar staff? I mean, sometimes, you import XMLs, and it looks as if were the instrument you need, but actually, there are hidden things under the hood which make things more complicated. The good news is that the fix is easy: go to Setup mode, left panel, instrument’s menu>Change instrument> Guitar (for you, if I understand correctly).
Now Dorico will really handle this instrument as a guitar and the fingering should be ok… Let me know how it goes!


Hi Marc,
yes it’s a guitar staff. I’ve written hundreds of them :slight_smile:
This problem happens only with some of them. Today actually it happened on a brand new guitar part (solo guitar with tablature… so it must be a guitar staff). I just created a project and added a guitar. The popover shows me only a valve fingering symbol…

That’s weird. You might upload the file here so that someone from the Team can examine it and debug if it’s needed.

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I have my layouts for different type of scores and I always import them in library manager. I am trying to find out if there’s a problem there… but I don’t understand how a setting could change the popover to valve fingerings on a guitar part with tab (tab is only available for string instruments and it’s not a separate staff)

By any chance, when you are having the problem, do you have the following unchecked in Engraving options? (If so, please check it and let us know if that fixes it.)

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OK, now that worked… thank you very much.
But still it makes no sense :slight_smile:
I don’t want fingerings inside the staff for this type of scores, and I have lots of scores with that unchecked and the popover is correct… did you have the same issue?
And since we are talking about that and this is my first time writing in the forum, is there a way to submit requests for future improvements to the Dorico team?.. guitar-wise there are quite a few things missing in my opinion…

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Great! I just encountered the same thing yesterday, and was going to ask @dspreadbury if this was intended behavior or perhaps a bug. (Daniel, the tl;dr is that if you uncheck “Allow left-hand fingerings inside the staff for fretted instruments”, a guitar part will no long show L or R in the fingerings pop-up. Also, options like “slide-in” and the “Plucked Fingering” section are no longer available.

@Ludo_Cipriani the way around this is when you have the “Allow” option checked, you can select the following property and the fingering will appear outside the staff.


You can select all the notes (and nothing else) and do them all at once.

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I think another workaround is to uncheck it once you’re done writing fingerings for the entire score… I tried just now on a couple of bars and it seems to work.
Thank you again! I hope they will fix this…

That’s true, but if you see my last reply, when you uncheck it, you will not be able to do certain things like slide-in, etc.

Also, in answer to your question, you can tag a post with “feature-request.” It’s worth searching the forum for “guitar fingerings” because there have been many posts over the years.

Anyway, glad that worked & hope you have a great day!

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Thank you again very much. I’ll follow your workaround when it happens.
Can I ask you one more thing? is there a way to put fingerings and picking signs (up and down) on top of the tab and not on regular notation?
When I write scale and fingering exercises that would be something very useful… I never found a way to do it…

I’m not really sure about that one as I don’t normally use tab. From taking a quick look, it doesn’t look like there’s any way to do it automatically.

Thank you again @Chester.Jankowski, that’s what I thought… Have a great day!

I’ve mentioned it here and there on the forum by now, but I use two guitar staffs, one notation and one TAB, this way, placement of score items such as picking directions and possibly fingerings are much more flexible.
Use “copy to staff below” to distribute the music.


It is indeed the intended behaviour. The guitar fingering features are effectively enabled or disabled by this checkbox.