Vanishing tempo and signature tracks

you simply inserted a sig in the right spot, that’s all. You could have also inserted a sig with the number of beats needed to start the subsquent measure where you wanted.

Yeah, well, as they say in the South, even a blind dog stumbles into a pork chop every now and then. :slight_smile:


While i am not experiencing vanishing tempo TRACK, for some reason, anytime I edit the tempo track, the line disappears. Makes it VERY hard to do a complex tempo map. I have to go into the tempo track editor to even see where I put nodes. I’m on the latest Cubase 11 pro. Windows 10.


Here is an example. On measure 33, it just disappears. It jumps from 101 to 123, but that shouldn’t be so high as to be off the charts. Honestly, it even does it when the tempo jump is only 1 BMP. Any ideas?