Vari Audio and MIDI question


Is it possible to “quantizise” an audio track with a midi track as model?

Reason for asking is:
I have around 60 kids who have been singing 3 tunes, some one at the time and some in small Groups (2-4). I know that the small Groups can’t really be edited, but all the solo singers can ofcause. It’s just pain stalking to edit around 30 kids one at the time and I have to realize they do not all sing that well :wink:.

So any suggestions about a workflow that will make their parents happy :laughing:

You can set their pitch according to a midi input, however that’s really not enough, since the vocal segments are different and in different times.

There’s a very pricey plugin called Vocalign, used for overdubs in films that does something close this, but it expects the same voice - not recommended for your case.

Instead, when using the stuff bundled with Cubase, what I do is (had to align 4 vocalists I had no control over), is to select all the tracks and open them together. Set the coloring to “part” (or “event” or “track”, I don’t remember) which makes each track in a different a color. Then you’ll have to manually align them together. In most cases, each phrase on one track relates to a phrase on the other tracks and aligning them should be quite simple. Sometimes though, you’d have to cut and move segments, but most of the work should be easy, just long.

You are right, thanks, that is more a efficient method. I could still whish for an midi track quantizise function. Despite of the segment fragmentation it would be a better point to start of with because a typical problem with kids out of tune are that they sing 3-4 tones below tune, it’s like there’s a lack of punch in their voices.

You can export the variaudio data as midi. Then, I think, you can enable “Midi input”, route the midi channel to variaudio and play it.