vari audio competitor?

hi guys,
does any have experience any plugin that is as good or better than cubase Vari Audio?? im searching for something that works like Vari Audio …


Antares Auto-Tune?

doing another take!

Or two… :wink: .



thanx… \m/

+1 :slight_smile:



For the +10/+100 crowd - do you like Melodyne better than VariAudio? Please compare and contrast - thanks!

eeeee… yep.

Vari-audio gets the job done. Auto-tune if you want an effect

I’m still on 4.5.2. The fact that I own Melodyne was a big reason to not upgrade to 6 as soon as it came out. I will eventually get it, but I strongly suspect I’ll be getting the Komplete Crossgrade first (US$369) since I’ve been wanting Komplete for at least 2 years now.

Auto-Tune is well capable of retuning vocals without that Cher effect, in fact a very powerful combination is a touch of Vari-audio and a tad of Auto-Tune, just don’t overdo either.

I’m sure this list isn’t a complete one…
Variaudio doesn’t preserve formants when pitch shifting. Melodyne does. So shifting by large amounts in variaudio can sound unnatural. In Melodyne you can additionally adjust formant without changing pitch.
Melodyne also lets you move segments around and mute them if you want. Variaudio can’t do this. It can warp (stretch) but not move segments.
Melodyne can also handle polyphonic data - my friend totally reharmonised the vocal intro to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - it sounded amazing!

But variaudio scores big on the convenience front, as it is integrated into cubase so no fannying around with a quirky, “alien” looking interface…

Autotune works wonders on drum kits.

I have Auto-Tune Evo, and it’s good for adding a bit of vibrato to a note, or for the dreaded Cher effect. As a tuner, it’s yesterday’s news, IMO – I can hear it working on even a vocal that’s pretty much in tune, and the graphical mode blows compared to the Melodyne or Vari-Audio approach.

Evo is not as good as the pre evo version.

Totally agree about the graphical bit though… Its more a set and forget thing

…and kazoo solos

+1 for Waves Tune as it didn’t have a mention before this.

In the past I’ve found it to have the most natural sounding processing compared to the other plugins.

There’s nothing wrong with Vari-audio though.