Vari Audio - How do you bring pop up box back?

Hey, guys! Can somebody help me with bringing back the pop up box when editing in Vari audio? I accidentaly selected “don’t ask me again option” and I can’t create a new version of audio track in the pool now. I want to create some vocal harmonies and don’t want all the tracks that use the same audio sample to get affected by changes I do.

I know that, in older versions of cubase, was somewhere under Preferences>Editing>Audio, and then I had option “On Processing Shared Clips = Open Options Dialog”.

Where do I find this in CubasePro 11?


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Hi there MickeyLee
I just had a look in preferences of Cubase Pro 11.0.41 and the option is exactly where you’ve described it would be?

Thank you @paka! That was sooo obvious. I feel so dumb now. :smiley:

For some reason I didn’t see it first time. :smiley: Maybe I need a pair of glasses.

Heh, it happens. It’s the equivalent of walking up to someone at work and going “I came to ask you how to do this but now that I’m talking out loud I actually just remembered how…” Been there, done that. Numerous times.