Vari Audio in N12 does not work

Vari Audio does not work here on N12…the same file analyzed in N11 works without problems

Is it just that 1 audio file that isn’t working, or is it all of them? I just tested on my Nuendo 12 and all seems to be working as expected

Thanks for your reply…
it happens with all files…even files that I have recorded in N 12…

Problem solved…I have no idea what caused the issue…anyway the solution was to start Nuendo in Safe Mode and clear the program preferences…

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thanks for reporting’have the same issue on cubase 12, ill try it later, hope it will solve the issue for me as well.
just to be in the safe zone, after clearing preferences all worked as before with plugins, instruments ,key commands etc ?

you can save your custom Profile Manager just in case, then you will have all your preferences…

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In my case: yes

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worked for too :+1: