vari audio-move selected notes to one pitch ?

is there a way to select notes from several different pitches and move it to one pitch in one shot ?
need it for quickly make sketch for bass folklor vocals for example.


I’m afraid this is not possible. You could glue all the VariAudio events and then Straighten the Curve. But it might bring other result than you expect.

The easiest way I’ve found to achieve this is to activate the MIDI input feature (from VariAudio, the button with the 3 vertical dots, but alt click so it shows 6 dots in a step), then quickly repeat the same note on a MIDI keyboard. You can then select all notes and straighten their curves if needed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone can come up with a LE preset for this: (select all, define pitch???).

Ok cool,never used the midi input’, it’s much quicker to achieve what i need in the method u described.
thanks !

thanks it also useful to have quick sketches,i would expect to have it behave like the midi editor, select notes enter pitch value+control modifier to move all note to same pitch.


For this it’s easier to use an Instrument track or the Sample track (and use the sample of your bass guitar).