Variable length cuts

Most films have several different length television trailers and at least one longer cut that gets played in theatre previews. You probably started with a plan for which blocks of music get added/cut/repeated to make the piece fit the time requested So here are my two questions.

First, how do you notate this kind of change today, in say musical theatre? Hopefully with something more specific than “Vamp as needed” :slight_smile:

And second, is there a way (or could there be a desire) to include/exclude/repeat certain blocks or verses from a specific layout, based on an underlying master? Controlling staves per layout is great, but doesn’t help with time.

At present there’s no way to dynamically cut bars in such a way that you can show them again later on, though this is something we would like to add in future. For the time being, you might consider duplicating the flow and then deleting bars from the flow to produce a version of a shorter length.