Variadio no sound

Strange problem happens when I´m using Variaudio
It has no sound when moving pitch up or down in realtime :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Most probably you don’t hear the preview of MediaBay neither.

If you use Control Room, all previews are routed thru the Monitor bus. Do you use Control Room? Do you have Monitor bus available?

If you don’t use Control Room, you can choose the Main Mix (what is the preview bus) by right click to the bus in the Audio Connections > Outputs.

Thanks for fast reply. :smiley:
Yes it seems to be working now both Control Room and Variaudio.

I noticed that been changed colours i Variaudio Chord :confused:
Green= In Chord
Blue =in Scale
Red= out of Key

Now I don´t know what colours represent what in Cubase 11