VariAudio 3: change reference tune form 440 Hz to 442 Hz

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I recently stumble across a problem with VariAudio 3: I’ve recorded a piece of music with piano and trumpet. The piano was tuned to 442 Hz. No, I want to pitch correct some phrases of the trumpet, but VariAudio will use 440 Hz as a tuning reference. Is there a way to change this reference tune to 442 Hz?

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Hi, I am wondering the same thing, how to change samples from an ancient piano from 432 to 440, or, alternatively, (1) change the entire project to 432 or (2) change individual midi instruments to 432?


you can’t change the reference frequency of VariAudio 3

Thank you for your answer, Dr. Strangelove! Well, then it is time to buy Melodyne :pensive: