VariAudio 3 Cubase Artist

After a trial of Cubase Pro 10.5 I recently purchased Cubase Artist 10.5 and one of the features I was most impressed by was VariAudio3. I was careful to check that VariAudio 3 is also featured in Cubase Artist and on the Steinberg website where they compare Cubase versions it clearly shows that VariAudio is included in both Artist and Pro.

I load up my Pro projects in Artist only to find that VariAudio3 isn’t included and upon Googling see that it never has been. What’s going on?

I am so frustrated as I would not have purchased knowing Cubase Artist did not support.

I have opened a support ticket with Steinberg but don’t expect a reply (they have never replied in the past)

The website is here:

In the ‘highlights’ section you can see VariAudio3 clearly marked for both Artist and Pro.

Did anyone else have this problem?

(I am aware that the website above lists features of 11, but that’s because the website has changed to accommodate recent release. I can assure you the it was the same for Cubase 10.)


VariAudio is included in Cubase Artist 11. It wasn’t included in Cubase Artist 10.5 though.


Hi Matthias
Can you tell me where I can find VariAudio in Cubase Artist 11?
I’m not finding it in my inserts options. Only finding Pitch Correct.
Should I be looking elsewhere?

VariAudio is not an insert, it is an option when editing the audio track . Using it is a little peculiar at first, not entirely discoverable, but once you know it’s easy.

Double click on some audio. You get the Waveform editor open. Look to the left at the Inspector and you will see VariAudio - open that section. In 11, there is a surprisingly small grey button that you click on and VariAudio is triggered.


Thanks very much for this.