VariAudio 3 - what a pleasant surprise!

I used C5 original VariAudio for some quick corrections in the past, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. My primary tool has always been Autotune.

Well, tonight I tried VA3. I got a much better result with it, no obvious artefacts, just clean, unnoticeable correction. In comparison I spent an hour in Autotune trying to fix the same vocal and still ended up with some artefacts (female soprano). So I decided to give VA3 a shot.

Well… I don’t think I’ll be using Autotune ever again.

Just another thing to love about CX. Kudos to Steinberg team, you guys did an amazing job!

Agreed, V3 is way better. V2 was painful to work with function wise. V3 has grown up a bit.

Since I posted that I worked with two more songs. Incredible results. Natural artefact free sound no matter what I do. Just quantize the pitch, move a few notes and you’re done. Absolutely incredible!

Steinberg needs to advertise this more.

Yes, in v3 variaudio is finally useable, v2 was extremely annoying having to mouse over to the left for controls.

Without ARA2, variaudio 3 is a better (temporary) option to melodyne right now for cubase users imo