VariAudio Analyze for certain regions

hey everybody,

i´ve got following problem:
i´m busy editing the new album of my band. we recorded everything - so i´m speaking about more than one hour of music - in one project.

now i´d like to “tune” a little bit the trumpets e.g.
but when i try to analyze the part in the sample editor it starts to analyze and after some minutes i get the message that cubase isn´t working anymore. the “activity control” of my macbook pro shows me that it still works… but i think the problem is that the file i want to analize is too big - like i said more than one hour of duration.

so, is there a possibility to select a certain region - e.g. one song - and to analyze only this part???

i´m greatful about every kind of help!!

Bounce the region you want to analize (select with rangetool or cut first).

ok, but isn´t there another possibility ???
isn´t it possible to do it like melodyne which “transfers” the required stuff into the programm?

No. Once you start analyzing, the complete event is taken into account.