VariAudio analyzes for minutes

This is no bug, but a really bad design:

  1. Drop an audio file that is 2 hours long onto a track
  2. Take a scissor and cut a short event (lets say one minute audio)
  3. Let VariAudio analyze the short event

-> This takes about 8 minutes on my machine, coz it analyzes the whole audio file, not the event.

Do I miss something ? Of course I’m aware that I can bounce the area that I want to correct, but how annoying is this when you have small correction here and there in a very long (live performance) vocal take…

The fact that VariAudio is an offline process!?


I here you. I adapted my work flow a while ago to speed things up.

You have to get into the habit of cutting where you want to correct and bouncing it. I’ve been doing it this way for years. There is a bonus of the scan time and you know now by looking at the track what you corrected. I usually bounce the correction too (printing the variaudio to the audio) and color it different than the track color to know what’s what. Having the original audio to either side of the correction cross faded in lets you easily revert to the original if you want by just dragging it across the area you cut out too. It provides a lot of benefits to me doing it this way.

You figure, if it speeds up time doing the bounce technique because analyzing takes longer, you have to alter the way you approach the edit to save time.

Thanks Tom,

I admit it is not too time-consuming to bounce before VariAudio, and the idea of having the unpitched/-warped audio next to (crossfaded) the original track after printing the VariAudio stuff is smart.