VariAudio - Arrow Key Up/Down ... auto-Quantize

Hello -

Last night I was using the arrow keys, without a modifier (i.e., without Shift/CTRL/Alt) to move a selected note up/down to the nearest quantized note value, as determined by Cubase 7.5.2. Was cruising along, thinking how great it was. Look Mom, no mouse!

I closed down Cubase, then later re-opened, and when I tried the same thing, the behavior (though now reflecting what is described in the manual), was completely different from what I was doing just a few minutes before - now the arrow key moved the selected note up/down 100 cents, not to the nearest quantized note. So, for example, if the selected note was at “D: -15%”, the up arrow key would bring it to “D#: -15%”, where as just a few minutes it would bring it to “D: 0%”. So now, to do that, I have to use a modifier key, or the Quantize slider.

I like the other way of doing it - hard quantizing without using the mouse. Can anyone figure out why my system behavior changed in that regard, or how I can get it to go back?


I am not sure I completely follow you, are you saying you have pitchbend data with each note and now you don’t? Pitchbend is independent of the selected notes when moving them around so the same relative bend should still be there. Of course what your VSTi is doing with that data can change from instrument to instrument depending on the allotted bend value assigned. This may not be at all what you are referring to though.