VariAudio Audition Options - In Control Room?

Dearest Fellow Cubase Nerds,

For the longest time i have been able to Audition the VariAudio ‘notes’ (sections of a vocal) all the while having my control room option selected for monitoring. I find the control room to be the best, quickest, option for getting to click settings and other things. A recent crash in C8.5 seemed to have jacked with my settings. I lost the ability to audition notes in variaudio. The only way i have been able to get that back is to disable the Control Room which is not ideal for my work flow.

For the life of me i cant seem to recall how i had it set before. It was set several a long time ago and each update has maintained the settings.

I have the RME UFX Fireface interface, if that matters.

How should i set up the Control Room section and still be able to hear the VariAudio tweaks when i Touch/Move them.

All the settings IN variaudio are set up properly…i’m pretty sure of that as i am getting audio now with the CR disabled.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have jacked with it many different ways but no dice.


Have a look at the preference setting: ‘Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel’. This might fix your problem.

I shall! Thanks for the fast reply on this.

I know I can only audition Variaudio via the Control Room outs and NOT any of the “Cue” sends if that helps.