VariAudio: Can't hear Acoustic Pitch Feedback.


  • Cubase 7.5.2 , OSX 10.9.2

  • I open a piece of an acapella in the Sample Editor.

  • I open VariAudio Tab and click the Pich & Warp button.

  • The audio gets analyzed.

  • i have the Acoustic Pitch Feedback button engaged.

Now, when i click on a segment or transpose a segment up or down, i can’t hear the segment. :blush:

Can someone please help ?


Is your Control room activated? that might be the problem … check in your VST connection in the control room section to see if it’s activated and to make sure it’s set to the right outputs.

Maybe someone can put up a guide or refer to a page in the manual on how to route acoustic pitch feedback to where you want when using controlroom… At least I cant find it

Here is a link to a kb article:[keyword_search]=Mediabay