Variaudio data gets lost if applying plugin


I believe there must be a function how I can make Variaudio changes permanent so that they do not get lost when I want to apply an exciter plugin. My work around would be to export the track I want to use the exciter on, import the wave again and use the exciter but this is not funny.

How is the best practise to do this? I changed a lot in Variaudio and I definitely do not want to do it again, so I need a possibility to apply the plugin without losing the changes of Variaudio.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Carda,

the question is where do you want to insert the exciter in the signal path. First you have to understand that Variaudio is made to recognize and process only monophonic simple waves. I have a husky voice (like Joe Cocker or James Brown) and Variaudio often struggles to identify the pitch (works much better with the coices from my backing vocal female singers who have a clear voice). So the exciter should be inserted late (after Variaudio) in the signal chain. If you have the exciter too early (before VA), it might alter (add harmonics) the signal too much for VA.

Besides that, you can process the Variaudio changes - in Wave Edit Mode look up the last (lower) item in the menu and you will see a button with two crossing arrows. Click on that and Cubase will process the Variaudio changes - but not any plugin later in the signal chain. Make sure you don’t try to process polyphonic signals. I heard that Melodyne can do that but that is extra money.