VariAudio deleted when 'Backup Project' 0n 5.5.2

Hi Everyone,
I’m in the midst of backing up my project into my external Hdisk using ‘Backup project’ under file menu.I’ve been doing this for an year since i bought Cubase5 and had no problems. Recently i update to 5.5.2 and noticed one of my song failed to copy the Variaudio pitch correction. Its funny, out of my 8 songs only one of them is not copying the variaudio, the other 7 songs are fine. Backup project suppose to back up the entire settings, wav files and all the automations of the song. We cant be checking the backup session what has been backed up or lefted out. This is very serious, as we once complete the project, we want to back up to an external drive and probably reopen the project in future without any missing automations or plugin settings and so on. is that anyway to rectify this issue.

Thank you so much for your kind attention,

hi Raj

The fact that the other 7 songs backed up fine on 5.5.2 leadsme to wonder whether the one which lost the variaudio information COULD have been a ‘Corrupt File’ … by that I mean the possibility tht THAT file might have lost its critical information EVEn if you had been usin gan earlier version.

What do you reckon on that possibility?

All the best

Hi Glyn,
Thanks for the reply. Yes, at first i thought that i’ve lost the variaudio information. Luckily i didnt deleted the initial project folder after backing up. i re-open the session file and all the variaudio information are still there, but its not in the new backup project session.