Variaudio distortion on S sounds

Variaudio has become the source of several problems for our recent album work. It’s a GREAT experience to use and tool integration… but we’re getting HARSH distortion when adjust pitches that end in S, C, Z, sounds. It becomes much more noticeable after mixing/mastering… compression brings out the harshness.

Are there any known tips to configure Variaudio to not cause this distortion? We’ve tested against Melodyne and don’t like their interface/workflow… but the results aren’t distorted.

Others on forum have begun discussing this: Variaudio heavily distorting sibilance beyond actual SS-es

Thoughts? Tips or tricks that we’ve missed in the tool?

Hello! The only way that works for me is to manually cut out these letter sounds so that they remain in place, and the sounds surrounding them can be edited without affecting the isolated ones.


This ^. It’s probably the best tuning editor on the market in the way that it’s laid out and with ease of use but… it definitely has a ‘sound’, and once you recognise it you can’t un-hear it.
We cut out the phrase or syllable to be tuned as small as possible, do the necessary tuning and then insert it back in the track. We try to avoid esses wherever we can.

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