Variaudio doesn't sound

Variaudio worked all right. I was able to hear the notes of a vocal song when y moved a note with the hand tool. Suddenly y didn’t hear it despite having “Realimentacion acustica de tono” activated.

What can I do.

Thank you

There’s a button with a speaker on it on the upper
left of the audio editor. It has to be activated.

It doesn’t sound with de speaker activated, that is just the problem.

Do you have the Control Room active? Hit F4, go to the studio tab and check. If it is enabled, either fix the routing or disable it to monitor on the mains.

Thank you very much. I have disabled control room as you indicated and variaudio has recovered the normalíty.

Control Room is very powerful. I’d suggest when you get more comfortable with Cubase you come back to it. You really should figure it out. It can seem complex at first, but the monitoring options there are indispensable.

JMCecil, I’ll follow your advice about control room that, indeed, I don’t use by the moment.

Thanks again for your efficient help.