VariAudio edits finally end up in backup projects?

Can someone verify please, that 7.06 creates new projects via the backup function including VariAudio edits?

I’m referring to that issue:

Have just tried it with a little test project (containing just one file), it seems to work now :smiley:

What’s a little irritating: tried it again in 6.55 and it also works - it didn’t up to 6.54! There are no notes about the issue in the version history, neiter for 7.06 nor for 6.55. Please try and report back, so I know, I’m not crazy (and have one thing less to think about when archieving finished projects - that’d be so cool finally :sunglasses: )

No one?

Have only just seen your post.

Was working on a lot of variaudio editing yesterday. Will do a backup project later today and get back to you ASAP. If you are correct (I’m sure you will be) this is great news.

So far I’m really pleased with this update.


Just did a back up onto a 2nd drive of a project with a large amount of variaudio edits.

The back up opened just the same as the original, variaudio edits saved and still non destructive.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Happy Cubase user here :smiley:

Woohaa, have a lot of stuff to archieve soon. If it really works reliable now, I’ll have plenty thoughts not to think :laughing:

Thanks for testing this, Mrhehon! I’ll monitor the backing up behaviour religiously before I’ll really trust it (just by habit) but this sounds like way less work for the future.

My hitherto workflow was to find VA edited events, copy them to new tracks (just to keep the original), then bounce the ones involved in the actual project to fix my VA edits. Not hard but hard not to overlook something (didn’t I treat that guitar lick with VA?!? - opening many sample editors to re-check…).

Great news! Wondering why Steinberg doesn’t mention it in the 7.06 documentation :question:

Which leads me to the question: