Variaudio Error Message

1 - Tune through VariAudio.

2 - Cut the audio event

3 - Select a part of the cut audio event, click Edit VariAudio and check the part you selected in the event.

4 - Click the number defined in any option: Correct Tone, Align Curvature, Shift Shape or Volume.

5 - A message appears asking you to select “New version”. Select continue or cancel. Result: An error message is displayed.

Arquivo dmp

Thank you for reporting. This is a known issue and it is fixed in the next maintenance update.

Until then, if you’re using variaudio on a shared clip, you could either use the slider for these values or choose New Version (if applicable for you) or change “Preferences->Editing->Audio->On Processing Shared Clips” to"Process Existing Clips", so that the dialog will not appear.
I know these are not very satisfying workarounds but they will avoid the crash.

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Thank you very much! I’m glad this issue will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your attention!