VariAudio Functionality Update For NUENDO Users

It’s difficult to even express adequately just how so critically important its is for a Small NUENDO Studio to remain competitive with other local AUDIO Studios which now use CUBASE’s much improved (robust VariAudio Functionality) Features.

As a small studio owner I’m now finding myself at such a significant disadvantage by not having the same detailed-pitch-correction ability to fix and/or perfect poor vocal performances now in any similar manner as is possible by my local competitors who own Cubase Pro-10; and are logically quite concerned regarding the real-world advantage local CUBASE Pro-10 Studios now have over NUENDO Studio Owners, simply because we chose to make the larger monetary investment in NUENDO.

I would like to ask (also on behalf of all of the other Small NUENDO Audio Studio Owners) if Steinberg would please be so kind as to consider effectuating a NUENDO “Update” that would rebalance the huge disadvantage which has now come into being as a direct result of Steinberg’s recent VariAudio enhancements in CUBASE but not Nuendo :question:

With many of us (Small NUENDO Studio Owners) not being in a position economically to afford owning both DAWs (CUBASE Pro-10 and NUENDO) a NUENDO Update of this nature would be (I’m sure) greatly appreciated by every Small NUENDO Studio owner who has made the same significant (NUENDO) investment acquisition.

:bulb: When considering the merits of this very important request, please do consider also, that an Update and/or reasonably priced Upgrade of this nature could very well change the minds of many new or old DAW users (on the fence) who have up-to-this-point been unwilling to make the extra monetary investment in their Craft or Business. I do however in all fairness believe the improvement should be equitable, by way of a cost FREE Update, apposed to paying more to get get the same functionality as the lesser costing DAW.

I thank you in advance for your kind considerations, and look forward to hearing your (as well as other’s) thoughts on this important Nuendo Update matter.

It would be greatly appreciated if a member of the Development Team or any other Steinberg Staff Member could please provide some information on or about the possibility or likelihood of Nuendo’s VariAudio being updated to include the same robustness as the VariAudio within Cubase 10. With Nuendo price being what it is, one would think (most naturally) that it would not have a lesser degree of functionality in its Audio Editing capabilities than programs of much lesser cost. I’ve written e-mails requesting some insights to be provided as to the likelihood of Steinberg providing a Nuendo Update which would include the same robust functionality as demonstrated within Cubase’s most recent incarnation and was informed that this forum was the best place to make inquiries regarding this; but have not today received any kind of response. Would someone please be so kind as to address this issue with a response on this important matter. I again thank you in advance for what I hope will be a time sensitive response, or even just simply a response of some kind.

I’m not Steinberg, but this article of Nuendo 10 says that it will have Variaudio 3 which Cubase 10 currently has:

From what I understand all of Cubase 10 features will be in Nuendo 10 and also future releases of Cubase won’t take as long as it has in the past to get implemented in the next Nuendo version.

Thank you very much Composing Keys for your thoughtful post and link to the very informative video and info on the forthcoming NUENDO 10 (AUDIO) improvements. Much appreciated!