VariAudio hidden(?) pitch on whole track

Hi folks,
I’ve been fighting recently (and in the past) with a weird issue that only happens sporadically.
Consider the following screenshot:

This screenshot shows two vocal recordings, where the selected one is a bounce of the first one. You’ll notice that all notes in the bounced version are pitched down 2 steps.

Does anybody know why VariAudio doesn’t show me the correct notes in the original track? Is there any indicator somewhere I am missing? Did I use some weird key/mouse shortcut that causes this kind of hidden(?) pitching?

This happened to me just yesterday. After the recording everything was fine. But then when listening to the tracks later I found that some tracks where off pitch (1 step this time). This is really frustrating as I just can figure out why and how this happens.

Any ideas?

If you want I can attach (or upload) an example project with that specific audio file. I’ve prepared that project already…

Many thank in advance!


Could it be that you transposed the pitch?

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AHHHHH! Jesus… I’d never have spotted that!

Must have happened while using the mouse wheel when having that sample selected.

Okay, then it’d be nice if VariAudio would at least consider the transpose to show the “real” pitch.