Variaudio issues fixed in 6.5?

Have any of you battled with the somewhat annoying issues having to do with variaudio in Cubase 6?

(These include cpu spikes, discovering that the variaudio has been turned off for no apparent reason, and, finally, yesterday I had a file become corrupt and had to redo a few hours of work yesterday. I had it scan a track, noticed the cpu begin spiking, so I went ahead and fixed the pitch issue, then bounced the file - but the cpu spikes remained! The only other changes I’d made were just volume automations, no extra plugins. Long story short, I ended up having to redo the rest of the work, then fix the pitch in a renamed project file, bounce the result, then import it back into the working file.)

I use Windows 7.

Any word on whether thses issues have been adressed in the update?