VariAudio lost after track archive import on different PC


I exported an audio track with edited VariAudio. In the xml file of the track archive I can see VariAudio pitch shift infos.
I attached the track archive as ‘’ (686 KB)

  • When I import this into a new project on the same PC everything is fine. I see the the colored bars and I can continue editing there.

  • When I import this into a new project on a different PC VariAudio editings and the colored bars get lost. Trying to edit VariAudio triggers an unintended new analysis.

Both PCs run CubasePro 10.5.20 on Win10. The problem persists if I switch source and target PC and do the same. Doing the same with AudioWarp works well.

If I zip and transfer the whole project to the other PC and import from project instead of from track archive it works, too. Not nice - but a workaround.

Is this a known problem?

Best regards, Stephan Weber

Same here.

I had someone done the vari audio pitch correction for some vocal harmonies and using the Track Import feature does not include the pitch correction. We both use the latest cubase version (11.0.41). But Audio Warp does get imported, strangely.

I can of course render the vari audio pitch correction, but this does defeat the purpose of the track import feature for me in this case. It is quiet possible, that I will change some pitches slightly after some additional instruments are recorded, which is not possible when rendered into an audio file.

The track import feature (which is great by the way) should include all the features that cubase does offer on an audio track. And I think that vari audio is an essential one. Please fix this bug, or, if it is not a bug, implement it please, thank you.

Cheeres, Tomess

True also for me when doing “Import tracks from other project” from another machine (in this case from a mac to a PC)… but if I open the mac project on the PC and copy and paste the events it keeps the variaudio, so definitely something to do with the import process.