VariAudio lost after track archive import on different PC


I exported an audio track with edited VariAudio. In the xml file of the track archive I can see VariAudio pitch shift infos.
I attached the track archive as ‘’ (686 KB)

  • When I import this into a new project on the same PC everything is fine. I see the the colored bars and I can continue editing there.

  • When I import this into a new project on a different PC VariAudio editings and the colored bars get lost. Trying to edit VariAudio triggers an unintended new analysis.

Both PCs run CubasePro 10.5.20 on Win10. The problem persists if I switch source and target PC and do the same. Doing the same with AudioWarp works well.

If I zip and transfer the whole project to the other PC and import from project instead of from track archive it works, too. Not nice - but a workaround.

Is this a known problem?

Best regards, Stephan Weber