variaudio one track affects others

Following “how to” videos step by step, but variaudio is affecting all tracks (including duplicates). ie, I cannot create harmonies, as a pitch change in one track alters all tracks.

All advice is appreciated!


By “all tracks”, you probably mean the very same Audio file used multiple times in the project.

Once you apply the VariAudio for the first time, Cubase should ask you if you want to create a New Version, Cancel or Continue. If you would create a New Version a new file would be created and the VariAudio would be applied to this new file. So this what you need, as far as I understood.

If this window doesn’t appear, enable it in the Preferences > Editing > Audio > On Processing Shared Clips: Open Options Dialog.

Thankyou Martin, this works perfectly! This wasn’t mentioned in the 3 tutorials I watched, so I’m grateful for your assistance.