VariAudio Pitch Correct pitch recognition?

OK…I’ve used this thousands (literally) of times. I do all manual tuning. Vocals, instruments…try to keep things as natural as I can.

BUT when I enable Edit VariAudio and it identifies the pitches with the separate events, it often misses note separation. But the notes are CLEARLY different looking at the waves and the shapes it has outlined. But I have to go in and manually cut it with the scissors.

Am I missing a detail? (TONS of stuff I don’t know about Cubase even though I have had it since version ONE!).

this is a common problem in all the pitch correction software. Some vocal performances are more work than others. You could try Melodyne and see if that does a better job.
For me many times just figuring out the “correct” splitting of notes fix the performance (and notes go to the correct note) just as often as tuning the “notes” to the correct note by hand.