VariAudio Pitch Transition

Is there a way to change the transition time/portamento/glide between notes in VariAduio? I’ve split a note at a point where it should have changed but didn’t, and when I tune it up, Cubase is automatically adding a transition time in the pitch. I can see that I’m able to make it a hard transition by flattening the curve, but this also then flattens the parts of the note outside of this transition. I’m actually trying to elongate the glide here, so straightening the curve is a move in the wrong direction.


You can make it only flatter.

What Marin says is a textbook answer and it is correct.
However, even if there’s only 2 musical notes, it does not matter how many notes you use in vari audio editor. Thus zoom in to the notes and split them into smaller ones then apply gradual strengths to each one of them to make a slower transition.

E.g. for vocal, you often need to split a note into 3 separate sections. 1st one for gliding to the pitch, steady pitch in the middle and the lastly, transition to the next tone. Apply lesser correction or even none to the 1st one and the last one, and strong correction on the middle one. This technique will give you natural but strongly corrected vocal. Hope this helps.

Here is an example. This is a straight synth recorded without portamento/glide, added pseudo portamento. It is not always possible but often workable. Not that you can also apply time stretch to each one of them to change the time.

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Thank you! I’ll try this approach. Super helpful.