variaudio problem...

i’m running cubase 8.5 on a windows 10 pc.
i’ve spent a lot of time applying variaudio to the vocals on my current project.
now i’ve found a few problems on the vocals that need to be solved.
there are a few pops/ clicks that i need to remove.
unfortunately it seems i can’t do anything about it.
not without losing all my variaudio edits.
as soon as i try to do anything to the audio, a window pops up saying:
“this operation will invalidate the variaudio data.
your changes will be lost and you will have to re-analyse this audio.”

i really don’t wanna redo all that variaudio work, i’ve already spent hours on.
i don’t believe i’m the only one dealing with this problem.
any ideas?
i just tried “track versions” and tried to edit the duplicate, but that didn’t work…
same window popped up…

Render the variaudio to the audio files and then fix the pops and clicks.

Or you could probably trick Cubase by destructively editing those original audio files outside of the working project and then when you re-open it the edited files will be used (as long as you make sure your filename and location is unchanged). Probably worth making a backup of those files first.

thanx for helping out!

“Render the variaudio to the audio files and then fix the pops and clicks.”
this gives me hope :slight_smile:
could you (or someone else) please explain more in detail how to do this, so i don’t mess things up?
i’ve never done that before.

that other thing seems way too advanced for me.

There really isn’t much detail to it. Select the event/s and use either bounce selection or flatten realtime processing to create a new file/s with the processing included.

Just to be clear…the variaudio changes will be burnt to audio and no longer editable so make sure you’re happy with them first.

To be extra safe, save the project with a new name so you can easily revert if anything goes wrong