Variaudio question

Hi - I’m not quite understanding the section “Editing Warp Tabs” on page 289, hoping someone can clarify for me so I can check it out when I return home.

They make the point that steps #1-3 are what to do if you do NOT want to affect the nontonal portions of the audio. But it looks to me like the drag in step #3 makes it so that the non-tonal portion IS now included in the segment…? Wouldn’t that then subject the non-tonal portion of the audio to Variaudio processing?

Thanks -


Must be just a not well thought out example in the manual. Of course you are right about the non tonal being included in step 3.

Though this is just an example that shows the technique.
I’m sure if you try this on some vocal track you will easily grab how it works.

Thanks, lanter. I thought that was the case, but am never sure whether I’m missing something obvious when it comes to this stuff.

Happy New Year!