VariAudio Questions for a newbie?

  1. Say I’m done with all my edits and want to commit those to the audio file. Do I do the FLATTEN function or do a bounce and replace events? Im wanting to send those tracks to another artist.

  2. Do you guy work on a copy of the original file in case you get things sideways and if so what is your procedure for that?

Thanks. Reading the manual and watching YouTube videos on VariAudio here


If you want to send it to other user with different DAW, you can use Batch Export and export this track.

The way I work with variaudio is I always SAVE AS variaudio version because you always want to have the original recording…

Flatten & bounce do the same thing essentially, both possible.

To keep the original/switch between versions you can use Track Versions. Example: record something, choose ‘duplicate version’ and do your VA or other processing to that second version. You can always go back to the original super easy. Or bounce the processed version to send away - you still have the orignal.

Thanks fellas, much appreciated. Im a Melodyne guy so Im trying to learn this as well here.
So if Im understanding the workflow it is as follows:

  1. Save As: ( VariAudio version)


  1. Track Versions

I can do flatten in the VariAudio window or Bounce and replace on the track itself to burn those edits in

  1. Batch Export as usual to send off

Does anyone know how to export a track with variaudio data included? If not, where is the data stored? I’m trying to send Variaudio edited tracks to another studio without bouncing or “flattening” the track, so that they can make adjustments to my variaudio edits id need be…


You can just Export, use the Batch Export and select the track. Or you can Render In Place.

I’m not sure if Martin’s suggestion above will work… the question is about keeping the VA data intact; my thoughts are you can only do this at a project level. i.e. you’ll have to save and send the whole project (*.cpr) file and assets, to the other studio.

So, either do that or, if the studio has the right edition of Cubase, you could just cut your original project down to the VA track(s) only, send them over as a standalone project, and tell the studio to do a Import Tracks from project procedure. That will/should bring the VA tracks into a live project at the studio, hopefully with all the VA data in place…

I’ve not tried this.! So practice first…!!

(Or, have a look into VST Transit - - this is exactly the situation it was designed for… how it works in real life, I don’t know.!).

Or, maybe Martin’s suggestion is completely better than any of this.!! :smiley:

Good luck,

I see, then I’m most probably wrong. In this case, the VariAudio changes will be applied to the rendered files, so you will not get the source.

When you apply the VariAudio, it’s not processed to any concrete file. So you cannot find the rendered file in Edits (or similar) folder. The data is processed in real time in Cubase, so all the information is stored in Cubase project.

Make a backup of the project.

Need the VA data to be intact. Thanks.

Thanks Puma.

Yes you’re correct, render is not an option, as I need the VA data to remain intact.

Doing it on a project level is what I have been doing, but it’s cumbersome and not practical.

Can anyone confirm whether or not “Import tracks from project” will bring the variaudio data with it?

VST Transit looks interesting, I will look into that. Thank you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to export track archive, and have a little box where you can check “include VariAudio data”?

Something for the developers to think about, I hope hope hope!

Thanks all.


The VariAudio data is imported with the track while “Import tracks from project”.

Just a thumbs up/thanks to Martin for being diligent and following this up… good to know, from now on… :slight_smile:

So, in @harryhansen’s case - he would still need to send over the actual *.cpr project file, to the other studio, for them to perform an ‘Import tracks from project’ at their end (which he says he finds cumbersome and not practical).


Thank you Martin.

I actually found a very simple solution that’s even better.

I signed up for a Dropbox account, and made a shared folder. I keep the projects that I am collaborating on, in this folder, and open and work from there. Then I simply share that folder with whoever I need to work on the project and he/she does the same. It syncs instantly and automatically.

This is much quicker and easier and more practical than exporting track archives, uploading and having the other person download, import, work on it, export again and repeat.

Be aware that storing the project in Dropbox and working from there can get you strange file access errors.
If you do, just shut down Dropbox and fire it up again when you are finished using Cubase.

When I “Import Tracks from Project” for tracks with VariAudio applied, the VariAudio data is not imported. If I export the tracks from the previous session then import from track archive into the new session the VariAudio data is present. Seems like a bug, or a poorly thought out feature.

Cubase 11.0.30.


I’m sorry, I cannot reproduce it here. It works for me.

Weird. I tried trashing prefs and importing from different sessions. Still doesn’t work.

I tried again and it worked this time.