Variaudio Segment Colors and Chord Track

Does anyone know how to change the Variaudio color segments back to Green, red, blue when following the Chord Track? This screenshot is from my PC (Windows 10). My Mac is still showing Green red and blue. Also here is a link to what my PC used to display. Tuning your Vocals Faster with VariAudio 3 | New Features in Cubase 10


Could you attach the very same project from an older Cubase, i.e. your expectation, please?

Here is an image of what I expect. This is not from the same project but it doesn’t matter as Cubase 11.0.3 on my Mac always shows the correct Red, Blue, Green colors when using the Chord track as a reference in variaudio. While Cubase 11.0.3 on my PC has started showing Green, Teal, and Orange in every project. I’m not sure if it’s something I did or if it is a bug. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Could you attach a screen is the very same project from Windows, please?

I don’t remember the exact project the screen shot is from but I’ll create a new project and use the same project for both Windows and Mac. You will see that I get the same result, with the same colors for each OS.

Here are the screenshots of the same project. One is Windows 10 the other is Mac Big Sur. Also, I uploaded the project folder. Thank you for looking into this problem.

Test Steinberg (2.1 MB)


I’m on Mac and I got the very same result, you got on Windows. See attached screenshot, please.

So this is the default one.

My guess is, you changed the Project > Project Color Setup scheme on your Mac. Therefore you can see other colors. Could you try to open Project Color Setup > Options and click to Reset Color Set to Factory Settings, please?

The only difference I can see, I’m in the Dark Mode of macOS. :thinking:

That can’t be right, for at least 2 years the default has been the color scheme on my mac (Red Blue Green). Even in the video link above (first post of this thread) with Greg Ondo, his is Red Blue Green. When using the chord track, Green is a chord tone, Blue is a non-chord tone but in the diatonic scale, and Red is not in the diatonic scale. It would be odd that they suddenly changed it.
Here is the link.
. Tuning your Vocals Faster with VariAudio 3 | New Features in Cubase 10