Variaudio segments too high

Hi all,

I’ve never encountered this. I’m editing pitch on a whistling part and only the lowest notes show up at the top of the screen. Is there any way to widen the focus or pull it down? The manual doesn’t comment on this problem. Thanks for any help.


Variaudio only reads pitches up to, I think, C5. I know I’ve had it fail to determine pitches on lap steel parts and the like. It’s lowest pitch is also surprisingly high.

Yep it has a pretty narrow frequency range it would seem.
Tried to track a trumpet though it a while back to get a synth running along with it by converting it to midi… forget it! Also dreadful on bass… seems to work okish on cheap bass guitars or very simple bass lines played with a pick, but on my warwick and spector basses which are harmonically very rich it just cried like a little girl and made horrible warbling and farting noises… completely unusable :frowning:

Sometimes I can get the pitch to show up if I cut just the high note, bounce selection, and open variaudio again. When it doesn’t I have to sometimes manually “pitch shift” it. Bummer.

Hi all,

I can understand your frustration but I think the main purpose for Variaudio is working on mono vocal tracks.
I am using it to some extent although I’m not satisfied with the quality of the shifted notes.
As long as I am using it to do minor intonation or timing corrections, it is ok, When I try to derive backing vocals, the result gets worse the more semitones I go away from the original.
From my point of view improving the shift algorithm is much more important than expanding the frequency range. But I would also support your claim… I can understand what you need it for.

I hope that we will get that improvement with C6, otherwise I would have to purchase Melodyne which does a great job on all these issues.



Thanks all for the replies. Yes, it works fine for small pitch corrections on vocals and single note lines. Sounds like they’ve got some work to do. I’m still glad I upgraded to the full version but am a little disappointed as variaudio was one of the big selling points. I’ve used Melodyne and it’s worlds better.