VariAudio. Slow response on mouse click.

I will not wordy. The problem is very sad! When you try to move quickly sigment it stays in place. I work fast enough. The fifth version of Cubase everything worked fine. Because of unsuccessful attempts to move the segment I lose up to 30 percent of their time. See this.

Hi SiberianStudio,

it works alright over here (Mac and PC). From the video it actually seems that you aren’t actually clicking the segment before you move the mouse…


I had an issue like this the other day. In fact everything became exceedingly slow in vari-audio at one point. I solved my particular problem using two work-around methods:

  1. Chopping my audio into single verses/choruses and then bouncing each down to create new shorter audio clips

  2. Each time I finished processing a shorter clip I’d move it to a ‘disabled’ audio track

It seems that on my system, as the number of vari-audio events increased on my vocal track (not just within the current event that I was editing) then the mouse responsiveness got markedly worse. Simply chopping them up as in step 1 didn’t fix it, so I tried step 2 and this worked. I don’t know why but responsiveness in vari-audio came back.

After all my editing, I can move the parts back onto the vocal track and playback isn’t effect. But I tend to bounce down anyway and keep the orig vari-audio events on the disabled track just to reduce system stress as much as possible.


Lord creators! Does anyone solve my problem? Otherwise I will be forced to go into Logic. I do not believe that the problem affects only me. The creators of the cubase!! Why do not communicate with people??? Why are you closed from people??? How to contact you??? ???

Watched the video. I must say that exactly the same problem with VariAudio editing has been bothering me a lot since I switched from PC/Cubase 5 setup to Mac/Cubase 7 setup. The time between placing mouse cursor over the segment and time when it becomes able to move has significantly increased and workflow suffers big time, for sure. You just spend more time editing all this wrong notes stuff. (It’s probably not a bad thing if you are payed per hour though.) Although I don’t know if this problem is platform specific (PC/Mac) or Cubase version specific. Maybe both.

Relax, no one cares if you leave for Logic. By the way Logic is worse in many aspects :slight_smile: And it is Apple support who are REALLY closed for customers.

Good point, but the topic starter is speaking about the initial slowness, and I have experienced it a lot too.

Thank you! So I’m not alone in his problem. I have installed Cubase 7.5 on the Mac and PC. And the 32(64)-bit version of the Windows.
The problem remains. I edit each note execution vocalist. I work in the theater. Not many actors can boast vocals.))) If we are silent on this issue, the creators of that does not make it. Of course I do not need Logic. I have 15 years working in the Cubase. Dear creators! Do not forget about your customers.

If you’re serious about editing vocals and tuning them, use Melodyne.

Cubase’s Variaudio isn’t capable of handling large events. Even with a 3 or 4 minute vocal part editing becomes intolerably slow due to the entire event being processed by Variaudio. Then add another 10 parts of similar length and Variaudio is unusable. Moving a segment in Variaudio takes at least 3 or 4 seconds, when it should be an instant snap and move.

My version of cubase 8.0.30 is very responsive and I’m quite happy with the performance - but NOT when Variaudio is running on 10 or more audio events.

Variaudio works VERY well for small parts/events, but is not practical for longer parts.
Think of Variaudio as a toy, but not something you’d use in any serious way.

There’s also the issue of the “Pitch and Warp” and “Segment” buttons being located at the far left of the screen, which means you cannot easily switch between the two modes without moving your mouse alllll the way to the left and then alllll the way back again over to the event…
(* Steinberg - take a leaf out of Melodyne’s book)

I run Windows 7 64 bit, 16 GB Ram, i7 3.06Ghz so its a pretty fast system.


Note that you can use the Tab key to swap modes in VariAudio. This is much faster than the mouse obviously, although I constantly seem to have the toggle the wrong way round, please can we have a separate key command for each mode Steinberg!!

Tho I’d way prefer it if they integrated the current/usual tools, e.g. pointer, scissors, mute, etc. This I think would make editing VA events just like editing all the other types of events in Cubase and it’d be a lot easier.

I personally think that VariAudio is a fine professional product. I have Melodyne and AutoTune but I prefer to work using VariAudio because its so quick and easy.

Probably said this before, but I bounce down each verse when editing vocals to avoid the slow mouse response. Works for me, again, quick and easy.


My Cubase works quickly. What you mentioned that I perfectly I know. But if you sometime worked in Cubase 5 that you will understand me. There editing audio happens very quickly. And at the time of sounding of a track!