Variaudio - Standard Solo ?

Hi all,

I am new to cubase so I am sorry that I am asking such a noob question but I was trying to search on various places but no luck…
I came from Ableton when warping and pitch shifting the audio was my daily bread. Now I am revealing the magic of the variaudio but its acting differently than I would expected…
When I open an audio loop, go to variaudio and click pitch &warp, the audio is correctly splited and placed on the midi keyboard - thats fine.
But when I want to make any correction, it sounds gritty with artifacts (even when changing one semitone) so the sound is not usable.
I tried to switch the algorithm to elastique. The previously made changes were reset, and when I try to make an adjustment, I get a message that the algorithm was changed back to standard solo (???).
Do I miss something? Why I can’t use another algorithm and why is there so many artifacts making the sound so bad?
Please point me what I am doing wrong…


yes ive noticed this as well but haven’t delved into the reason why but you are defiantly right variaudio does reset it’s self back to standard solo every time and it can’t be altered and it is full of artefacts, i don’t use variaudio myself as i have the real thing (vp9000) but it would be nice to know why this is

Vari Audio only works in Standard Solo modus and for monophonic material. It works fine without artefacts for vocals if you pitch not more than 3 half tones.

Not for me… :frowning:
I used a vocal sample from a track pitched +/- 1 semitone and the result was the worst I have ever heard.
In that case - what is the propose of another algorithms and how to use them? Are you on 7.0.2?


There’s a serious bug in Variaudio in Cubase 7(02).
It works fine in 6.54 BTW.

I see :slight_smile:
I am hitting exactly the same issue… Hope its fixed soon…
Is there any Cubase 6 base download so I can try? - I found only updates on the website…

Good question!

No there isn’t. See here:

Was gonna post in that thread but it’s locked :frowning:.

Use this one “heads up” thread…

Finally was my issue report merged to: