Variaudio stereo

Hi. I have a vocal recorded with two grouped lanes : two different microphones recorded simultaneously. I want to Variaudio the tracks and I thought this was impossible. However at some stage today I was playing around and I thought for a minute that the adjustments were working on both tracks. Is this just because I used snap to note and both notes were close enough? How would you get around this? Use pitch correct automated? Thanks.


If it’s recorded to two different tracks, I would just Bounce it to one Stereo track. Then you can use VariAudio.

Thanks Martin! I was really hoping for some good news!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me ie Variaudio on a stereo file. Is this correct?


It works to me. What exactly doesn’t work?

Actually I don’t think it can work. I have recorded two tracks of the same vocal, with two different microphones. These tracks are not the same level. If you buss these to a group, a plugin will work across the signal. But even if you bounce these two tracks to a stereo file, panned hard, if you analyse them with Variaudio, the left and right analysis will be different. Not on every note. If you edit on one side, you will usually get phasing. The only time you don’t hear it is when a note is detected identically across two tracks - then the phasing is so close, you don’t hear it. Please ask engineering: I’m fairly sure Variaudio is mono only. That’s what the docs say. Am I wrong? VariAudio (Cubase Pro only)


In the link you shared, there is a monophonic word used, not a mono signal. Monophonic is an opposite of polyphonic, i.e. only one Note is played.

In the MediaBay search for the “01 bass 07” audio file. This is a stereo file, as you can see. Drag and drop it to the project. Open Sample Editor, and Edit VariAudio. The signal is detected. See attached screenshot, please.

While I find that very interesting (and thanks for taking the time to post it) , in my situation, it won’t work. I have recorded a vocal with two microphones. For some reason (gain etc), Variaudio does not see these signals as identical. Therefore some notes have other notes visible behind them which may even be detected as a different pitch. Your bass file is identical left and right. I’m guessing this is one reason why recording with two mics is not as popular these days. I think Melodyne is better at this, but it’s early days. I’ll know more later on. My mix engineer suggested bouncing the two tracks to a stereo file, panned hard left and right. Variaudio still has the same issues - some sections are fine; some are not. Perhaps the fact that one of the mics is a U47 means the valves are not processing exactly evenly.

Or just stop recording with 2 mics? :stuck_out_tongue:


I expect VariAudio is just a special offline process, so the workaround could be:

  • Apply the VariAudio to Mic 1.
  • Render In Place “VariAdioed” sound, or export it (as the result).
  • Close the project.
  • Move the source of Mic 1 Audio file or rename it.
  • Open the project.
  • Cubase will search for the missing file Mic 1, instead of Mic 1, lead Cubase to Mic 2.
  • Cubase will open and place the Mic 2 audio file instead of Mic 1. The VariAudio process should be (hopefully) applied to the Mic 2 now.
  • Render In Place or Export the track with the “VariAudioed” signal.

Now you should have both Mic 1 and Mic 2 rendered with the VariAudio.

I how it will work.