Variaudio Style Tuning in Key Editor?

Have you ever used Variaudio to tune a pitch? Have you noticed how you can slide the event “in the cracks” between the keys to make a note slightly sharp or flat?

Now, imagine if we could do this in the Key Editor, affecting the Tuning parameter without a need to write Tuning automation or Note Expression or any CC. Just ctrl+drag an event up or down to affect the intonation.

No additional microtonal plug-ins, no nothing. Each note’s tuning handled separately, and so very obvious at a mere glance.

Maybe a thing for MIDI 2.0? What do you think?

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Interesting idea.

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Yeah, cool idea. The functions their selves are already there – it would be a new user interface to serve them that would be needed. (not to trivialize or exaggerate the work involved)

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