VariAudio suddenly changed pitch mid-song

This is the weirdest thing. I had VariAudio’d a whole vocal track, and it’s been working completely fine the last couple of days. Then just now, I exported a final mix, edited the master i Wavelab and got back to Cubase, only to find the vocals gliding up half a note during the bridge, and staying there for the remainder of the song!

I suspect it has something to do with sample rate changes. The Cubase project is in 48 kHz, the Wavelab session was in 44,1 kHz, and as I did not quit Cubase, I got the standard warnings of “Allowing different sample rates” and “keep audio at their sample position”. I even tried to listen to the project at 60 kHz, just for lolz. Problem is, I saved the project again after doing all this, so now I’m stuck with really bad VariAudio.

What on Earth could be causing this?

Version 10.0.20 on Win 7, if that helps.

It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this, actually. It has happened once before, and that was also a semitone pitch shift. Ah well, Melodyne to the rescue. Though it’s boring as swear word to pitch vocals, let alone the same vox twice!


All your applications and the Audio Device should use the very same Sample Rate.

Once you started WaveLab, which works in 44.1kHz, the Audio Device switches to the 44.1kHz. Then Cubase project doesn’t match anymore, therefore it plays in a wrong speed and pitch.

Yeah obviously, but it should revert back to the correct pitch once you’ve adjusted the sample rate back. Not, as in my case, shift the VariAudio half a step midway through the song.

I see now that I didn’t explain this very precisely in my initial post. Long story short: Adjusting the sample rate back and forth royally messed up my VariAudio. Not only did the pitch suddenly change half a step midway through the song - it also affected the very audible VariAudio artifacts on the sibilant sounds (s and f especially).